What is everyone saying?

“I met Courtney two years ago when she helped me figure out why my tacos al pastor always ended up tasting like complete and utter garbage. Thanks,Court!”
-Shelly W

“I had hit rock bottom.  Everything I cooked always came out raw and cold… inedible.  I didn’t know where to turn.  That’s when Courtney came into my life and helped me turn things around. We started by turning on the oven.”
-Gareth P

“So there I was, just sitting there with my thumb up my you know what and Court turns to me and she says - ‘You know Larr, you should really wash your hands before doing any more food prep.’  She saved so many lives that day.”
-Larry S


“I love throwing dinner parties.  The only problem?  I don’t have a kitchen!  I called Courtney and she helped me build one out of unused disposable chopsticks.  Sure, it’s a fire hazard, but that’s what the extinguisher’s for.  And if we run out of utensils, all I have to do is peel a chopstick from the wall.”
-Sloane F

“One time, I was reading this fantastic food article, and I was like, who is the genius that wrote this? So I looked at the byline, and it was ME!”
-Courtney M