Courtney McBroom grew up a spirited child, even by Texas standards. In the third grade, she received her first cookbook, The Care Bears’ Party Cookbook, and fell deeply in love with cooking, entertaining, and magical rainbows. She went pro in the early aughts, after years of creating fanciful concoctions in her home kitchen. Courtney is a firm believer that everyone has the power to create a great meal and a great party.

Courtney worked as Culinary Director of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City before hopping across the continent to the City of Angels to forge her own path, sharing her joy of cooking and entertaining through private dinners, food products, consulting, and writing. In addition to writing all of the Milk Bar cookbooks with Christina Tosi, she has written for Lucky Peach magazine, Vice Munchies and She had been featured in Food and Wine Magazine, as well as Chef’s Table as an expert interviewee on Christina Tosi’s episode. Courtney currently lives in Los Angeles where her main life goal is to throw the most fun dinner parties and encourage others to do the same. Whenever she orders Asian takeout, they always put at least 4 pairs of chopsticks in her delivery bag.  "There's just no way one person could eat that many dumplings," they think.  They are wrong.*  She only listens to “really good” music and isn’t into eating offal, even though she did try calf brains once.

*to see Courtney's gigantic disposable chopstick collection, contact her here